“Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History”

                                                                                                          Lorel Thatcher Ulrich

Boudoir Photography

At La Dolce Luce studios, Boudoir Photography is done with the thought of empowering women, and helping to boost their self-esteem. It is an excellent opportunity for women to feel proud of themselves and to see their beauty captured in a single moment. Every woman is beautiful, sometimes you just have to be shown how beautiful.

This genre of photography is all about the celebration of women. It encompasses all aspects of a woman’s spirit, from innocence, to playfulness, to sexiness, mischievous, mysterious, vulnerable and truly powerful. The strength of a woman lies in her ability to be all those things. It allows each woman to express her inner Goddess, increase her confidence and be able to say “Wow that’s me....I love myself”

What to Expect

Expect to feel like the “Queen” of the day. Boudoir Photography can be a daunting prospect and understandably so. I work at the clients pace and comfort level. Your comfort level will dictate your choice of outfits and posing style. I am here to coach and guide the session while capturing some beautiful photos. Through the use of creative lighting and angles, areas of your body you may consider less flattering are given a less prominent appearance, while areas of your body you consider more flattering are highlighted, so that you look your absolute best.

Whether you are doing this for the man/woman in your life as a gift or to celebrate a milestone or it was simply something on your ‘bucket list’ you have always wanted to do for yourself. I will ensure that the photos exhibit the beautiful person you are both inside and out. Let you inner beauty shine and I will show a side of you that you have never seen before. The experience will redefine how you think about and see yourself. As the quote from Ms Ulrich infers do not let others define who you are, be bold, be brave, make a little history today.


The following list is by no means all inclusive but names some of the basics tenants of clothing used in boudoir photography. You may wish to bring some or even all the items and ultimately decide at the studio. The way a session usually unfolds is that most clients typically become much more comfortable as the session progresses and subsequently more daring. So even if you think you could never wear some outfits, it is always better to bring it along just in case.

Various sets of lingerie. Ie. Matching bra and panty sets, stockings, garter belt, corsets, nighties, sheer tops. White tank tops are a nice option as well, this usually looks great with a favourite pair of faded jeans, ( boudoir is not defined by how much skin is revealed).


High heel shoes (stilettos, boots,), hats, mardi gras masks, feather boas, or if you are doing this for that special someone in your life you might want to include a prop that speaks to that person,.ie golf club, biker jacket, white shirt and tie. It is something your partner will not be expecting, but shows you were thinking of them and almost never fails to make an ‘impression’

Jewelry to match the outfit chosen, pearls are timeless, and always appealing. The choice is ultimately yours. Costumes are acceptable as well, such as French Maid (why are they always French?), naughty school girl, the list is only limited by your imagination.

Of Note

The studio reserves the right to cancel a session and not reimburse the retainer fee if the client(s) is (are) noticeably under the influence of mind altering substances. This is to protect both ourselves and the prospective client.