portrait-4-2About Alberto Del Prete:

Photography has always been an important part of my life. My first camera was an Adox Golf with a STEINHEIL MUNCHEN CASSAR 1.45 f 75mm lens., given to me by my father when I was 14 years old., and in one form or another I have taken photographs and film ever since. Like many an enthusiast my desire to experience the challenges of photography as a profession has intensified in the last number of years. It very much feels like a natural progression, this unmistakable feeling to create, to replicate, to record, however humbly the moments in time that make up our lives. I particularly enjoy nature photography and portraiture. There is a certain clarity to viewing an image of a person in a candid pose. It speaks so many different languages without uttering a word. The magic of silence in a photo is captivating to me. Hopefully my photos can convey the magic that I feel when that shutter clicks, and you look into that viewfinder and realize you have captured if only for an instant an indelible moment of,…what was. If you would like to work with me , I would be privileged to assist you in all your photographic needs and to help you capture your moment of,…what was.”

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