The Name

October 15, 2014
by Alberto
  • camera copy

“La Dolce Luce” It took me considerable time to settle on a name I could embrace. As some may

already know, the word photography when broken down into it’s Latin origins is very illuminating (excuse

the painful photographic pun). photo means light, and graphia means writing. The translation means ‘writing with light’ which in effect is exactly what all photographers do when the shutter clicks.

I wanted to incorporate the meaning of photography into the name of my business/web site in some

interpretive and I also wanted to use the Latin history in some way. As well as having

always admired Italian cinema, with an especially strong affinity for the works of Federico Fellini, and yes my favorite being “LA DOLCE VITA”. Which finally brings us to the name chosen , “La Dolce Luce”, which translates to “The Sweet Light”

I hope that I may be fortunate enough to contribute to this wonderful hobby by bringing to you my

interpretation of the light as I have written it.


Alberto Del Prete