October 25, 2014
by Alberto
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Green Light,….Go,….

Your busy, rushing to get a

seemingly endless

‘list’ of things done.

Your searching through

a drawer for your keys, (again), when you stumble upon an old forgotten photo.

It has faded over the years, a corner is torn slightly but still you linger,…

Red Light,…Stop….

The photo compels you to

stare at it, forces you to

‘open’ your eyes and really see,

not simply look.

You remember that time, that place, you start to cry, maybe tears of joy, maybe tears of sadness, 

maybe one tear, maybe many more, and just as quickly as your journey back in time began it is over, as you slowly start to hear the phone ring. You wipe your eyes, put the photo back exactly where you found it. You race to answer the phone, it must be important! But for that fleeting moment that simple old torn photo demonstrated

the power of one.

Green Light,…Go

I would consider it a privilege to be your partner in creating such a memory.


Alberto Del Prete